What to Look For in an Edge Control Gel

edge control gel

As women, we are constantly looking for the holy grail of products to slick, smooth, and tame edges. Although there are many edge control gels, waxes, and pastes on the market, it becomes a challenge to find a product that can perform and protect. After digesting false promise after false promise, the pursuit can seem like a never-ending story. But, no fear! The Mane Street team is here to recommend a few foolproof methods to spotting the best edge control gel.

Check the Ingredients

Do you know what’s in your edge control gel? Like people and hair types, not all edge control gels are made the same. Whether you’re relaxed or natural, it’s important to understand which ingredients deliver quality and performance. Here are few ingredients to keep an eye out for:

Water Based Gels: Edge control gels that are water-based tend to seal moisture and hydration rather than drying the edges while styling. Those with water also tend to be lighter, providing a more flexible hold.

Castor Oil infused Edge Control Gels: This infusion allows the gel to smooth edges without creating hard, frizzy, dry curls.

Alcohol-free formulations: Prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle, and breaking. Edges are protected, even when laid!

Essential Vitamins, Biotin, and Nutrients Edge control gels infused with these ingredients promote natural hair growth, protection, and retention to this fragile region of the scalp.

Hold, not bondage.

When looking for the perfect edge control gel, a smooth, sleek, flexible hold is desired. It should offer a natural, smooth hold… not bondage! It’s definitely time to start looking for a new edge control if you’re experiencing a dull, brittle hold that builds up without the flexibility to style your edges as you please.


A good edge control gel will offer protection. Tension and over manipulation to this fragile area of your hair warrants more TLC. Without the right gel, edges are more susceptible to damage. Your edge control should offer growth, protection, and anti-breakage to ensure a lifetime of sleek and on fleek edges.


Ultimately, a good edge control gel product will have at least two of the characteristics listed above. A great edge control gel like The Mane Choice Laid Back Effortlessly Edge Control will offer all that and more. And even if you have a highly textured hair type that traditional gels are too weak for, The Mane Choice Hair Type 4 Leaf Clover Freezing Gel has you covered. So the next time you find yourself about to grab any ol’ gel off the shelf, take a moment to read the label and make sure what you’re buying measures up.

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