The Cheat Code for Beautiful 4C Hair

beautiful 4c hair

What You Should Know About 4C Hair

One of the most beautiful, versatile curl types that need most TLC is highly textured hair—specifically, 4C hair. When it comes to 4C hair, contrary to what many might believe, the styling options are endless and healthy hair growth is attainable.

4C textured hair is more fragile and can lack substantial moisture and luster. Due to the nature and shape of the strands, it doesn’t reflect light the same as its less its textured counterparts. Therefore, it can APPEAR drier than it actually may be. Flatter cuticles reflect more light and make the hair appear shinier and more lustrous. It’s important to use a more emollient shampoo and conditioner to help improve moisture retention, softness, and luster (if that’s what you’re seeking). Ingredients, such as aloe vera, flax seed oil, and clove oil are excellent sources of natural vitamins and nutrients that work well together to caress each strand with love and happiness! YES!

Joy Navon 4C Hair

4C Hair CAN Grow & Be Healthy

Hair grows every day unless there’s a medical condition. However, breakage is the reason that you don’t see that length on the ends. Like any curl type, there are many “tangible” textures within the spectrum of type 4 hair. It can be wiry, some can be soft and cottony, and others can be a mixture. Either way, keeping the ends neat and trimmed, as well as stretched can reduce the issue of single strand knots (AKA fairy knots).

The Best Styles for 4C Hair

Just like there’s a shade of red lipstick for everyone, there’s a version of every style that fits everyone. You may have to achieve it differently, but you can rock it! 4C textures look AMAZING donned in twist outs, braid outs, updos, blowouts, locs, and wash & gos! Great techniques, healthy hair habits, and great products help to deliver the BEST hairstyles. Most beauties we’ve come across with 4C hair run away from shrinkage and often opt for stretching the hair with the use of a heat—which is cool—but the flip side is: the styles don’t last as long and the moisture evaporates faster.

Try doing styles on wet or damp hair using a bomb leave-in and moisturizing styler, then stretching the hair using the banding method, pulling braids/twists into a bun, or pinning them on the opposite side of the head. You’ll achieve elongation AND keep the moisture!

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