Taking Care Of YOU!

Care of You

Wake up. Work out. Meal prep. Drink a shake. Take vitamins. Dress kids. Drink water—Nope, drink coffee instead. Snack responsibly. Work out again. Get kids. Dinner. Wash hair. Twist up. Scarf on. Go to bed. Repeat.

Many of us plan our days down to the minute. Making lists and checking them twice.

Others of us go with the flow, writing down and scratching out plans as they come or as they go. One thing that pertains to both worlds of planning life is that your “busyness” has a direct effect on how you are taking care of yourself or even taking care of your hair.

Have you ever jumped in to your car only to look in the back seat and see a makeshift version of your home? On the seat is a complete set of flatware with food and beverage options. Your window hooks greet you with a few clothing options as a now plasticized fry and toy wait patiently to roll and get lost under the seat again?

This is more than a small sign that you may need to slow down. Breathe. Take a self-analysis, and start over with YOU in mind.

As we rush through our days, giving to our jobs, giving to our relationships, giving to our kids, giving to the new recipe we found, giving to our workouts, and on and on, we often forget to give to ourselves. We pour out of what used to be abundance, but without recharging and refilling ourselves we begin to pour out of a deficit, and what is left is what we use to care for ourselves.

This not only affects our health but, in more ways than one, it affects our appearance. Our skin and our hair are usually the first tale-tell signs that we’ve been running on low for some time now. A wrinkle here, a few hundred shed-hairs on the sink there, and before we know it we look up to see a shadow of who we once were. 

So how do we fix it?

Here are a few simple steps to help get you back on the right track.

  1. Plenty of water in the morning and in the evening. This helps get your body charged and alive for the day, and gives your blood calm movement and repairing agents throughout the evening.
  2. Your diet is essential to rebuilding what’s been lost. Your mind, body, spirit connection start with a clean and balanced diet and vitamin intake. This gives way to mental clarity, free-flowing energy and a feeling of light rejuvenation.
  3. Breathe. However you do this, “Just do it”. Time alone, a walk outside, good music… or even taking your hands away from the keyboard for a full minute to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you center. Take what you need, the air is free! 

These are just a FEW starter suggestions for you to get a foot back on the right path towards a balanced lifestyle. As you put these into practice and add more of your own, you’ll begin to see that the benefits are numerous and invaluable long term.

Good luck, Good health, and Happy Hair Growing!

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