Summer Inspired Hair & Makeup Look

Summer Tutorial

Summer is almost over and we know that every glam woman wants to squeeze in one or two more vibrant makeup applications and curls before Fall sets in. @Lovelylynnmua, Creative Content Specialist and Makeup Artist for The Mane Choice, has created a step by step digital tutorial using some vibrant colors and hair products to assist you during your Glam session.


Step 1:

Damp hair with spray bottle

Step 2:

Apply Soft as can be 3 n 1 revitalize and conditioner to hair for moisture, detangling and manageability.

Step 3:

Apply Crystal Orchid Biotin infused gel to create defined moisturized curls that are long-lasting

Step 4:

Section hair into small areas and twist hair with comb to define the curls



Apply Foundation all over the skin using a brush or beauty blender

Apply Concealer under the eyes, inside of the nose, cupid’s bow, and chin

Apply any setting powder in the same areas to set the concealer in place

Apply contour on the outer perimeter of the nose and under the cheek bones for definition

Smile and apply blush slightly above the contour

Apply illuminator slightly above the blush, cupids bow and chin

Mist the face with any misting spray


Apply eyeshadow primer to keep eyeshadow from moving throughout the day

Start in the crease area with transitional color

Pat the yellow  color on the lid

Apply lashes

Apply mascara to blend the lashes and false lashes together


Apply any lip color of your choice that is long lasting

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