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braid out

I have a confession to make. I’m a lazy natural. I like styles that don’t take many steps or a lot of maintenance. That’s why I try to find hairstyles that take little to no effort to complete. You can find me in a slick back at any given time. One day, I decided instead of twisting my hair like I usually do, why not braid it? Over the years I’ve tried braid outs different ways, and after some trial and error, I believe that I’ve finally conquered the braid out method.

What you’ll need:

Soft As can Be 3-n-1
Tropical Moringa Braid Out Glaze or Ancient Egyptian 24k Gel
Ancient Egyptian Repair Oil
Head Dryer
Small Perm Rods
Hair Bonnet

Start with wet hair.

I highly recommend freshly washed or co-washed hair. But you can also dampen your hair with a spray bottle or rinsing it under the sink. The more you wet your hair, the more pliable it will be. This will yield better results so drip everywhere if you need to.

Detangle and section hair.

Since I usually start with freshly washed hair, I add my leave-in to detangle my hair. I will have my hair sectioned into 4 sections. Part your hair in the direction you’d like hair to fall. Take each section down and part into 4 smaller sections.

Apply your styler.

Apply a quality styler like  Tropical Moringa Braid Out Glaze or Ancient Egyptian 24Karat Gold Twisting Gel to each smaller section. You can rake product through with your fingers. I like to brush/comb product through with a Denman brush. When using a Denman brush, it will begin to clump your curls before you begin to braid.

Braid and add perm rods.

braid out with perm rods

Once you have product combed through, braid the section and add perm rods to your ends. Braid outs tend to leave your ends straight. The perm rods will keep your ends curled. I recommend doing this style at night so you can sit under a dryer for 30-45 min and then let it completely air dry overnight.

Test hair for dryness.

Test to see if hair is completely dry by squeezing the braids and checking your scalp for dampness. If hair isn’t dry, sit under the dryer for another 15 minutes or until dry.

Take down your braids.

braid out after

Take down the braids, apply a quality hair oil to hands and begin to separate each section. Once separated, pick hair at the roots to achieve volume (but try not to comb out your definition). And that’s it!

This style can last for days if you maintain the hairstyle at night by wearing a bonnet and/or banding your hair. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, I say!! A cute and defined style with little to no effort!! The best!!

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