How to Recover From Heat Damaged Hair

heat damaged hair

heat damaged hair

HEAT DAMAGE!!! Two words that most naturals dread hearing, but heat damaged hair is something that happens numerous times in the natural hair community, and it is very common.

When excessive heat is applied to your hair, over time—or just once, it can create a relaxer-like effect. The bonds that hold your curl/coil pattern in place are severely damaged; sometimes they are broken. Therefore, it results in loss of your curl pattern/natural texture. Just know that the more fragile your hair, the more likely you are to experience heat damage.

In most cases, it is difficult to repair the hair from heat damage; however, there are a few things you can do and use to bring your texture back to life. To get your heat damaged hair on it’s way back to normalcy, try taking a break from the use of heat for a very long time (or permanently) or gradually trimming the damaged ends. I recommend using The Mane Choice Shear Surgical Precision Shears (if you can’t stomach cutting all of the damage at once).

You can also use Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage and Repair Split-End Treatment Serum on your ends to help prevent further damage and avoid split ends. A high-quality shampoo and conditioner (and even protein treatments) will help strengthen heat damaged hair.

One of MY personal favorite collections is the Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage and Repair Collection from The Mane Choice. The signature K.O.M.B oil blend and the use of vitamins and nutrients help to repair damaged hair and bring new life into it. The deep conditioning mask is my go-to before l heat style my hair to avoid damage and it also helps to restore the elasticity back into damaged texture. Using this product every 1-2 weeks is key.

Hydration is also EXTREMELY important. If you haven’t already, invest in a hair steamer and incorporate it into your hair care routine at least every two weeks. Cleansing my hair often and layering on products such as the Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage and Repair Leave In, help lock in moisture. They say it’s easier to fry hair that’s insufficiently hydrated.

Finally, it’s important to be patient, persistent and deliberate when it comes to your hair care. Over time you’ll see great results.

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