Why A Deep Conditioner is Important for Natural Hair

deep conditioner for natural hair

Deep conditioning needs and frequency vary from person to person. However, deep conditioning is highly important for all hair, especially textured hair. The more texture you have, the fewer cuticle layers (the protective, outermost layer of the hair) there are. That means, it’s more susceptible to dryness and breakage.

Essentially, natural hair needs a good balance of substantial moisture and protein to help it retain moisture, grow longer, and improve elasticity/flexibility. In turn, your hair will be more vibrant, less prone to breakage, and in better condition overall.

How Often Should Natural Hair Be Deep Conditioned?

Deep conditioning frequency varies from person to person, as does anything. Typically, hair that’s fairly healthy can benefit from using a deep conditioner once or twice per month. Hair that’s chemically/color-treated or that’s often exposed to extreme temperatures will benefit from using a deep conditioner once per week. Use your hair’s current condition to gauge which deep conditioner to use.

Which Deep Conditioner Should I Use?

The deep conditioner you use varies on not only hair texture but also the current needs of your hair. If you just received a chemical service (i.e. color, bleach, relaxer, etc.) your hair may feel mushy or gummy. You’ll need protein but choose quality protein, such as hydrolyzed quinoa and rice proteins, like the reconstructor in my favorite treatment kit.

If your hair is fragile and needs a dose of strength, choose a strengthening deep conditioner, such as our Ancient Egyptian Mask. Hair that’s super thirsty and dull craves hydration, so choose a deep conditioner that drenches your hair with instant hydration. If your hair is highly textured, and your strands are medium to coarse, you will want a more emollient deep conditioner, such as the Hair Type 4 Leaf Clover Mask. You can also choose a “DC” to improve shedding due to breakage or if your curls are limp, you can select one to pop your curls!

The good news is: there are #ManyWaysToChoose!

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