Check Out This Amazing FroHawk!

Frohawk by Ebony Bomani

The Frohawk or “Freaux Hawk” is a super simple style that’s quick and chic! This one is best executed on medium to long hair.

Step 1

Begin by parting hair down the center from front to nape. Divide the hair into hair into 8 equal parts—to end up with 3 ponytails on either side of the center part, from front to nape.

Step 2

Mist each section with Tropical Moringa Restorative spray, apply Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Conditioner, and seal in the moisture with Doesn’t Get Much Butter Than This Daily Hair Dressing.

Step 3

Secure each section with an elastic band. Apply Tropical Moringa Braid Out Glaze (or either of The Mane Choice styling products or edge controls) to your hairline.

Step 4

Divide each pony into two sections. Twist each section individually. There should be a total of 12 twists once complete.

Step 5

Starting from the front, be sure to position the first twists around your forehead as a “bang” or pompadour and secure the ends of the twists underneath the elastic band on the opposite side. From then on, cross each twist over the opposite side and secure underneath the elastic band in the section behind it, or pin with a bobby pin. Repeat until the last section is hanging alone. Be creative. Wrap and tuck them around one another, and pin.  Voila!

Wrap a silk or satin scarf around your hair at night to preserve this style!

We would love to see your version of the Frohawk! If you recreate it, please tag us at @TheManeChoice and use hashtag #TheManeChoiceStyleInspo.

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