5 Dating Red Flags That Scream RUN!

Red Flags

When you’re ready to date, it’s important to know how to recognize some of the red flags! A dating red flag is a sign we see when we first start dating someone that may be cause for concern, but we dismiss it instead of running at first sight. If you reflect on every failed relationship, you will see that those signs were there, but often times we chose to ignore them. So, I wanted to take a moment to remind you about some of those signs that scream, “RUN NOW!”

Moving too fast, too soon

If you’ve been talking to someone new for less than 2 weeks and haven’t been on a date yet, but this person tells you they are in love with you and you are the one they want to spend the rest of their life with… I would suggest you immediately block them and run, run, run! Think about it. What could you have said or talked about in the last 2 weeks that has impacted them so much that they know that there is no other person out in the world for them?  Listen! I’m not saying that this can’t ever happen… but more than likely there is a hidden agenda or some instability (that elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor). 

They’re way too jealous!

You go out on several dates and things are going well, but you notice that when someone of the opposite sex speaks to you, the person you’re with gets overly jealous. As things progress they start texting and calling you 24/7 wanting to know your whereabouts.  With friends? They say they “miss you” and to “leave your friends to be with them. You’re thinking “Wow!! This person is really into me”, right? WRONG! Those are signs that this person has a controlling behavior. They have a need to control where you go and who you associate with so you won’t want to hang with friends or family. Trust me when I tell you, this is all bad! Controlling behavior turns into possessive behavior that will ultimately move into abusive behavior.

They act like they have something to hide.

You walk in the room and this person is on the phone whispering and quickly hangs up, or if they’re texting, they put their phone face down when they see you. 9 times out of 10 something is not right and there is someone else in the picture—unless they are secretly planning a party for you. ???? (Doubt it)

Or they act like they’re hiding YOU!

You’ve been dating 6 months to a year and you haven’t met any friends or any family and they always want to chill at your house instead of going out!  (Self-explanatory, do I need to say more?)

They ask for HUGE favors.

You join a dating website and a charming face pops in your inbox and says, “I love your pictures and profile, I would love to get to know you better.” You exchange a few messages, then exchange phone numbers. They tell you that they are in the military (or a contractor) and is stationed out of the country but they want to meet you when they return in less than a month. Then out of the blue they call you claiming to need help because they don’t have access to money while they are out of the country and they need funds from you ASAP. Of course, they’ll pay you back. (Yeah, right!)

Falling in love can be a beautiful thing but it’s a cold world out there. Whenever you choose to get back out there and start dating, remember to be alert and cautious.  Although your heart may be pure, others may have different agendas. Good luck and Happy Dating!

P.S.  What you have just read is based off real-life experiences, smh.

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